Recent Projects

Pole Banner Beautification Project

In September 2020, PLBA launched the pole banner beautification project in order to help beautify the Porters Lake business community. Thanks to this project, you can now find pole banners up year-round along Highway 7 between Alps Rd. and Stella Dr.  

The schedule for the pole banners goes as follows: 

October - November: Remembrance Day Banners

December - February: Winter Holiday Banners

March - September: Support Local/Business Banners

Please Note: This schedule may be subject to change. 


Remembrance Day Banners: 

PLBA's Remembrance Day banners were created to honour local veterans in the Porters Lake community. We asked those in the Porters Lake community to submit a photo of a veteran in their family whom they would like to honour, and that veteran would be featured on a banner free of charge. 

The requirements for having a family member featured on a banner are as followed: 

  • Honouree must be a veteran 

  • Photo of veteran must be a close-up photo (portrait style preferred) *acceptable photo quality will be determined by PLBA 

  • Preference will be given to local veterans within the Porters Lake area

If you would like to be added to the waitlist to have your family member featured on a Remembrance Day banner for FREE, please fill out the form below:


Thanks for submitting!