The Porters Lake Business Association is launching the “PLBA 15 Questions” interview! These interviews will allow the community to get to know you and your business better! 


The community wants to hear about why

you started your business, what products or

services you provide, and all current



This is your chance to tell the community

all about your business in a casual yet

informative fashion, all wrapped up in a

quick 15 questions!


If you are a resident or frequent shopper in the Porters Lake region stay tuned to see many familiar faces on your timeline! Like, comment and share to help support our local businesses!

If you are a PLBA member and are interested in doing the “PLBA 15 Questions” interview, send us an email at

PLBA 15 Questions.png

Ways to Participate


PLBA is always coming up with new ways that our businesses can engage with the Porters Lake community! By taking part in our contests, social media posts, promotions, events, and other projects, you get to showcase your business and help build a relationship with those in Porters Lake. In turn, this can help bring you new business, new followers on social media, and more!

Visit this page often to get updates on new ways to participate!