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The Good Anchor Family Clothing Co.

Clothing Store

The Good Anchor Family Clothing Co.

All of our apparel designs are made by us, most even use our very own handwriting and artwork.

We press each and every apparel item in house ( you can't get better quality control than that!) We also wrote and illustrated our own book and designed most of our fabric (or sourced super amazing Maritime designers!) and we put a little extra love and care with each and every package that goes out the door!

We are the creators, customer service reps, accountants, seamstresses and quality control all wrapped up into one! A lot of hard work and dedication has gone into delivering the best product we can, it truly is a work of passion for us to bring this to the world!

3 Bonin Rd, Head of Chezzetcook, NS B0J 1N0, Canada

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