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In The Raw Sprouting Center

Organic Foods

In The Raw Sprouting Center

In the Raw started with Lenna growing sprouts and wheatgrass from home for farmers markets. She sold a handful of products at markets for a year and everyone loved what she was doing. That's when she decided to take a chance and opened up a shop. This was in hopes of educating others about the importance and benefits of a plant based diet. When we first opened we had limited products, now we have so many it's hard to keep up. What we love is all our products have great stories about how they came about. Which is what makes them extra special. Then came another big step that we couldn't even have imagined. Wholesale, which we never thought about until a wise friend saw the value in our products and agreed wholesale was an option in spreading the word. We are so happy she did. Now we are in numerous stores around Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Ontario. We are working hard to expand our products to more places, so people like you can find it when you need it.This is only the beginning of our journey. Next meet the team.

4888 Nova Scotia Trunk 7, Porters Lake, NS B3E 1J5, Canada

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