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Eastern Shore's Gallery

Restaurant & Art Gallery

Eastern Shore's Gallery

The Eastern Shore's Gallery is located in the Old St. Barnabas in Head of Chezzetcook. The Eastern Shore's Gallery consists of the main display area, featuring 35+ local artists, a small flower and herb shop run by Limnoreia (previously the Witches of Saltwater Marsh), as well as an art class space, Anthea's studio and a small restaurant/cafe downstairs. The restaurant is South African themed, and serves authentic South African street food and provides a hospitable and friendly, multicultural space for locals and visitors to the shore. The owner of the Gallery is Anthea Taljaard, who was born and raised in South Africa, before living and working in the Middle East for four years. She met her Canadian wife during this time and finally settled in Nova Scotia as a resident of the Eastern Shore. Both are seasoned travellers with a broad appreciation of multicultural influences, hand crafts and tourism. Educated in Business Management, it was a natural evolution for Anthea to bring her international and cultural experience to Nova Scotia and to focus on expanding the artistic and multicultural footprint of the shore. The online SHOP holds our local artists' works and the STORIES page highlights their biographies. We welcome online shopping and will ship globally. Please feel free to browse our beautiful creations, enjoy a bite to eat and take a great memory home with you!

8990 Highway 7, Head of Jeddore B0J1P0

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